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Hunter S. Thompson - Monday the 21st

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OK, I've processed hunter s. thompson's death now.

Am running a womb - I mean bath...

I took a long walk on the santa monica beach before "work" (dog walking) today. It has been raining like a mutha-fuckah here... and there seemed to be a break in the rain...

After returning "seeking debra winger" the dvd (highly recommended especially to those of us women who are darkening 40's door) to the library, I decided to chance it and take a walk on the shore.

There weren't many takers on the beach. I ran into a japanese tourist, and he seemed to be saying something to me, so I paused the ipod - and he said:

- it's not true what they say about 'it never rains in southern california'... my vacation...

- I said, I'm sorry, but perhaps a bright side could be that we've been in a ten year drought, and this was a bit like manna from heaven.

He didn't seemed assuaged.
I suggested if it keeps raining (which it hasn't since then - in fact the sun is peeking out) - he could sit in his hotel room and listen to 'hotel california' by the eagles.

P.S. Mark saw a cliche, technicolor PERFECT rainbow yesterday.

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