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Interpol: Sunday the 20th

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So Interpol...

First of all, let me give a shout out to mark (my hussband) - I haven't bought a cd in years, but mark is a man of music, sound, and images and technology (if you ever want a copy of my 'hardvest' list - I can burn you a mp3)....

Interpol. We saw them on Thursday. I don't even know their little names, but I've been very into them lately.

The concert didn't rock my world for some reason - perhaps we had bad seats and I was neither high nor drunk.

But I got into towards the last when mark had us move more forward and stand in the aisle. We had perfect seats for the guitarist. I looked up his name and it is someone Farrell.

I love him. There were boys in the front row that would go nuts every time he would strut on his little peninsula.

He was fabulous.

Nothing more to report, but as I was walking home from the pavilion grocery store with a bottle of pinot (vic chestnut's "forget everything you ever thought you heard..." song was on me ipod btw)... I looked down and saw a graffiti imbedded in the pavement saying 'fuck me'.

I chortled.

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