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Saturday, February 19th

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Saturday, february 19th

So it's raining here in lost angeles. Stages of deluge and then clearing.

I had to/ got to walk a puganese this morning (pekinese and pug). IT WAS SOOOO CUTE. Its real name is Madison, but I call it jenny.
Sometimes I will rename my pets.... like J.R. - I have renamed J.R.R.

Anyhoo, me and jenny were walking in the rain - she was a trooper although she didn't like it at first.

I'm southern. And I don't know if this is strictly a southern thing, but I say hello to people that I pass in the street or at least smile and acknowledge their presence. It is something I canna help. Many people don't say hello back... lots do.

Today, of course I especially said hello's because we were 'comrades in arms' as it were with the rain et al.

Well, I said hello to an old man.

He said "shit". That is all.

My response was 'yeah'.

Thirty seconds later I laughed a laugh I considered genuine and throaty.

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