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Friday, February 18, 2005

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Just called kent. he wasn't home. miraculously, i am faded.

it is raining in santa monica.

'quicksand' by bowie is on.

When it was raining in wilmington once, brian and I were waiting for the waterman to turn the water back on after he had forgotten/or being a little short (carpe diem).

He said, "well I'm going to go outside and chainsmoke."

I said lazily, 'go ahead'.

'there's a good magazine for you to read.'

he went outside.

The address was for bonnie butler (or easter I forget. i thinkbutler.) Cullin's wife.

It was an excellent magazine, and he came back in after he chainsmoked.

I'll leave you on tricky the cosmonaut's 'me and my pillow.'

SOLSTICE 2-18 addendum

I am having one of those days.

american spirt mediums.

I'll say adieu on 'easy to love' by billie. I have named the playlist "bee bee and billie".

So interesting that it isn't brian I think of anymore.

is it real or is it mania?

you play you win.

you play you lose.

you play.

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