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Thursday, February 17 (ii)

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Corrections and more stuff I wanted to tell you:

- It was actually 'redemption song' that was on at the sticky fingers - after concert music. THAT was the song - not 'exodus' that I asked people if what they thought of it... and many had never listened to the words. I told the bouncer on the way out that fact and what a tragedy it was...

- I love to dance. I can usually only dance alone (i call it private dancer), and I can usually only dance faded. I feel I am a beautiful dancer. I would moniker it 'modern dance' mixed with my favorite move of the irish jig (which is really hard to do. you have to think light) and some ballet balancing and mincing...

- I have often pondered making money by installing two cameras and charging people to watch me. (I would have to have a steady supply of pol pot ((WHAT a dick he was)) ).

- I have sent eric something that seems like my personal pandora's box (besides the one I gave brian). I have sent him both a DAT tape (thank you tony cargioli and eleanor of wilmington) and one of four dv tapes that I made while mark was away and I had the wilmington ways... I slightly wish it would get lost in the mail, but I am fascinated by what might be on it. I had intended to send it as a cuculorus entry entitled "Narsisstic, Stoned, and Manic".

- Everything changes after people see you manic. I only had one day of it, and everyone that I showed that side to save Jane and Sophia have deserted me in essence (dave d. is the holder of the other two tapes, and perhaps he will never give them back and i will be rid of them).

My sister-in-law has epilepsy. Did you know that epileptics generally take the exact same medications that we manic/depressives take? She once had an epileptic attack on the gym floor in front of everyone. She wet her pants. She was a freshman in high school. It was never the same again. She was always that weird girl who freaked and wet her pants.

- I am going to an interpol concert tonight.

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