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I need a lover who won't drive me crazy by mellancamp has such a long intro. I haven't wanted to listen to it and usually skip over it, but just did and it is alllll right. Always picture 17 year old high school spring break kristen listening to it (on my portable TAPE deck) on the panama city beach....

My life is a confusion to me.

What the - dare I say - fuck?

Hurt, hope, dagger-twisting, curiosity, indulgence, guilty happiness...

Last night jane took fia and george the producer and I out to dinner at sushi roku. She paid for all of us, and I LOVE having a sometime sugar momma. THANK YOU JANE. Although I feel quite guilty by your generosity at times... it sure beats sitting at home looking at pain.

Of course, perhaps I should be doing just that.

"if you truly understood that the mirror was empty, you would be a buddha".

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