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Pony Surprise I love you

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1. First, let me tell you that I though pony was an arrogant gint from the north when I first encountered her. She tried to tell me my business (when I was sick and manic and fucking annoying as shit), and
I BITCHED HER OUT. Now, of course, i realize that Pony is a 'tapping

She and I (and lisa may) were the first of the robot writers. I viewed pony as kind of like my eve harrington to me being bitchy bette davis.
(It's all about me. me. kristen).

I am heartily sorry pony. Please forgive me for slandering you via my column. You fucking ROCK.

2. Pony is pretty. adina that is.

3. Pony is creative and amazing.

4. Pony is from canada. I love canada. They have a great flag, no nuclear weapons, healthcare for your tired, your hungry, your poor...
and a very reasonable legislation for marijanejuana. They also had pierre trudeau as the PM (foxy). hip.

HaPPY Four YEARs. Unlike some, I will vote you in for another term and not get stoned and get a massage.

We raise the bar eh robot pal?

kristen martin

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