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Spheres in the Sky

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Let me go into the zone - feel the pagan vibes of this pagen day... Oh, I'll go copy a passage from a solstice website and be right back... hold that thought....

Solstice is as much about the light as it is about the dark. Irregardless of where we stand, Solstice marks the time of great change, as we in the Northern Hemisphere begin our yearly accent into the light half of the year, our counterparts in the Southern Hemisphere begin their decent into the dark half of the year.

The South begins Her decent into the dark, with the sweetness of summer still dancing about, we know the tide of the year has changed. Summer will fade into fall, and fall into winter. We know the dark times are coming and change abounds, the Earth will slow her rhythm and beat, and seeming stillness will set. Even in the assurance of the decent, is the promise of the accent, from light to dark to light again.

Assent and descent, light and dark, ebb and flow - are imperative in the journey of life, two sides to the same coin, like North and South, East and West, light and dark, summer and winter. Times, they change and then change again, in the promise of change, is the hope of change and in the hope of change is the joy of change.

Today I have nothing for you, but it is my special day. Last night, I had hopes of going to bed at dark and awakening in the dawn and experiencing the entire longest day. Like LA, I love holidays.

But, I was lazy and did not do this. I love the dreamworld and awaken rarely easily. Last night, I had a dream that Jungle and I were having an adventure. It was very mystical and all. Pehaps because we both like pot so much, jungle and I have always had a bond. When I miss Wilmington, I miss Jungle.

Today is solstice after all. Today represents the funny thing - the delusion - the con - the fool.

It doesn't feel a bit different, but eh. You know, it is true - that like that Swinger's friend said, when the pain is gone - you almost miss it. You do miss it - because it made you feel alive.

Sick isn't it. Today, I can wallow though. It's the opposite pole. I understand what I mean by that.

It's so strange my comrades. I honestly thought that lightening had struck again. I was fooled again by the same trick. I believed that chance, instinct, and coincidence and magic existed for a reason. I believed that I was going to get a prize for all my pain and trechery.


I like spheres. I love the moon. I gasped at it last night. I had been surprised that a full moon was brewing.


I don't love him. It is gone. It wouldn't work now.

Tally ho. Let's stair at the sunset and proceed south and down. (and yes, I always really love them forever - even though I don't know them.)

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