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Me and Matt Malloy

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Perhaps it's a story you want? Many seem tired of my amusing ramblings of the character of kristen martin; therefore, I will cleverly disguise my advertisements of myself in a story in order to attempt to bow to my readership (aka - the fuckers :) cutesy symbol):

Matt Malloy has many connotations associated with his name. He is a many of myth and a practicing non-ironic narcissist. He has a female following that is almost fanatical - and many fabulous ladies have been in his wake. For the longest time, he wouldn't tell anyone his birthday. I once just grabbed his wallet, looked at his license and handed it back. I think his secret middle name is Barry, but it might be his brother's name or both.

I first met Matt through my then-lover Mark. He was Mark's roommate immediately following the divorce #1. We took an instant dislike to each other. Unlike others, I wasn't really amused by him and seemingly 'saw right through him'. The feeling appeared to be mutual, and Matt viewed Mark in a territorial way - I was the yoko taking away john from a not-discordant band.

I also god an inside look at the lothario ways of mr. malloy. One of them was my fragile friend. (Please note my feelings of superiority lightly veiled).

This changed of course. I have known matt for eight years. He is kooky and interesting.

A side story:
My bachelorette party was one of the most fun times I've ever had in my life. I was on a high. I had tons of supportive and fascinating female friends who were stylish and fun to look at. I was about to be married to the love and light of my life. I was living the dream and felt free and supported and grounded and sanctimonious and young... and drama. I had drama in spades and a house and a lake to walk around and fun and pot and love.

This party was by my command. What I wanted was a spend the night party and all my favorite girl friends and margaritas and hot appetizers. I got it (although a drama was that jill - the hostess- briefly had a fit of insecurity and stated "if I weren't hosting this, would you even be my friend". We made up. I adored Jill, and was confused but began to call her more in my future. What did she think?
after many parties, I would call her at 2am and continue the banter or thank her for the party and continue a vein we had had - a joke or something. Many people didn't know how insecure she was/is as she's gorgeous and rich and blessed).

We all were drunk and telling stories and being happy girls. One of my favorite memories was when coco and I were sleeping on the floor to my nirvana video and television commercials by radiohead. We declared our desire to fuck both men. Matt's gal was there and expressing a wish to marry matt. I strongly told her she was delusional.

There was a panty raid by the boys. Matt Malloy led it. He stole our beer chest and meghan got an injury wresting it away from him. She was dramatic. She was actually an actress.

The New Year's Eve I went mad, I had a making up with matt. I went on sandy and jason's back deck and stood in front of him and told him that I had really been cold to him and mocking behind his back and I wanted to apologize. I told him that I realized now that the women that he hurt must need to be hurt. He was the sneaky man that told them secrets and love and then went to another secret liaison. I told him that he didn't need my forgiveness or appreciation, but that I would cease my hostilities. It was very cathartic for me.

He didn't remember a thing about it later.

I rarely saw Matt on my own.

I once met Matt Malloy in the street on one of my walks. We went and had a slice at the slice of life on market street. We talked about life and art and how strange it all was - you know "deep" talk.

He also came to my 30th birthday party. This was the surprise impromptu party that I called everyone I liked and held dear and invited them to come to my house. I called them two hours before the meeting. All of them arrived. It was magical. I gave them all a toast for being my friends. I thanked them for bearing through with me and loving me. I thanked mark. I thanked the academy. Jill brought me the fabulous silverware I still cherish as a gift. Matt Malloy bought me pot brownies he started making immediately after my call.

He has dropped in on me in my house several times. We shared beers.

Fast forward to my crazy months of leaving my beloved home to go to lost angeles where I would face the music and be alone and with a desecrated marriage. I saw matt a good deal during those times. I became a lady who was in on his secrets (the surface intangible ones) and basked. He was always healing and nonjudgmental and just light enough. I have grown to appreciate him.

He was even there on my last party (the one I told you about that greg hosted and all the boys were there and we toasted "to the next chapter"
and I bawled because it is rare that you see it all ending and that the change is tangible".

Thanks Matt Malloy. I actually miss you.

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