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Command Demand Manned

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Really, it was the first weekend alone. I didn't sleep at "old house" once.

It was good. It was fine.

I have a cellphone now. Often, I have internet connection from some soul I always thank.

I am reading "DaVinci Code" because my boss was too cool to read it and gave it to me. It is fine. It's a tv book - a book I classify as better than tv watching but still... I enjoy these sorts of books from time to time. It takes me a good deal of attention to read "tropic of capricorn" - so much to chew.

Jane amazes me. Thanks for the stuff and time and stuff.

Yesterday, I went to a movie. I walked from my house. The movie made me want to sink, but it likely wouldn't make you feel likewise.

I'm going through the withdrawal. Still the confusion, still the omens, still the waters. I am still.

Went to the david byrne concert. It was very LA. The Arcade Fire opened for them, and I was quite excited to see them as many put their album on their list - however, yet again, they seemed like really nice people - and the girl singer was mesmerizing in her youth, but they didn't jell. Does anyone else see bjork and meatloaf? The sound was horrible there and the LA-ers kept talking through their whole show.

Overheard behind me: "they dress like nerds". "this is a big canada thing. You have to have lived there to understand. The hipsters all dress like nerds". girl: "yes, but they aren't really nerds. They just dress like them."

David Byrne finally rocked up some energy. I was the first in our section to stand up during that song I like to dance to. The others followed once it kicked in thirty seconds later.

I'm a huge leader.

I was worried that they were staring at my ass.

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