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The face with a view

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And you're standing there beside me. You've got a face with a view.
There was a time. There was a place. I know nothing's wrong.
Nothing's wrong.

You'll love me 'til my heart stops. You'll love me 'til I'm dead.

During that song, he does that high "oooooooooooooooooo". It reminds me of the radiohead song from hail to the thief: a wolf at the door.

That is a song I have played 100+ times. I wonder if it was an homage as radiohead obviously loved the talking heads.

Ah the circle of life.

During the concert, the kids that called arcade fire hip nerds were discussing how cool the talking heads were and david byrne. This would have been just sweet as pie, but they were talking about this while the man was singing. V. funny. They also said that everyone in LA was here. He also gave her directions to Spaceland and said lots of indie bands played there. He used to go a lot a couple of years ago. He said the name of the club isn't on the building, but it is.

There was much pot smoking and an overt and TOUCHY smoochy unattractive lesbian couple directly in front of us. They were not good dancers and were not titillating. I inhaled a lot and yawned some.


Saturday night, it was Jane and I going out to venice. It started as a walk around - drink three or four or five beers. Jane amazed me at her generousity and efforts to please me. When she spoke to those people and did the thing... I was floored and honoured. That guy emailed me today, and I have no idea what I would say.

We went to my apartment, and I hosted for the first time. We sat and smoked and talked. We did tarot. She did it on me. I cried and babbled and apologized for babbling - called her beautiful about four times. So cathartic and just a perfect reason for having smart and lively girl friends. She gave me excellent advice, and we discussed how bizarre it is that people all have their superpowers. Hers is action. She can do ones and zeros and burn guilt off like a wizard.
She clarified many things.

I don't know why I still think of you.

I dyed my hair red. It goes better with black.

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