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Yes. He is a fool.

It is indeed his loss.

It is ones and zeros.

Not to know me. Sure. Do it. Be comfortable. Love it. Nest.

Just watched "Palm Beach Story" in the old place.

'usband is with seth editing.

This is the same gap-toothed 1971 director who made the movie which mark won the union's cinematagrapher award with (the one he didn't go to the ceremony to because he was dealing with my "condition"): "The Good Things"

The Palm Beach Story was excellent.

I have just picked up padz zizmore and cuddled her. She never minds as she knows what I do. She will be seven july fifteenth, and she knows me and my habits very well. I often pick her up and kiss her paws as she puts them on my mouth and says "hush mommy".

My favorite line? "People that need a whipping are always large."

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