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Would you pronounce that stand-bee? Spelling sucky.

The emotional hangover.

I had a dream last night that I was going into the scientology temple. We were late, and I was struggling to put on the flip-flops they provided. The others chose and moved forward. I vaccillated between blue and green. Neither fit very well, but I felt blue looked better but then green was what I chose as I was late.

I didn't know this, but the color of our flip-flops determined which bus we would get on to begin our oddessey. My bus wasn't cool. Some assasin hijacked the bus and the other buses went on ahead. We were oceanside and after a struggle, the killer killed my protector. I was a little blond boy, and the secret had been killed with my protector. Although I was of prophecy, the killer left because without the protector, I would never know who I was - so the knowledge was safe.

I was me again and sexing someone and the act would not complete as the partner was trying to attend to a detail that partner felt would be important. I angrily released and went to the ocean - this time again as the little boy. I was over the dead body of the protector and was told that I must learn and urgently pleaded to 'hurry up'. The alarm went off that very instant.

Hurry up and do what?

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