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July Fifteenth

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So today is July Fifteenth. It is a huge day in my life. Huge. Just big.

Let me count the Happy Birthday Shout-Outs:

1. Happy Birthday Marty Roupe!
2. Happy Birthday Jason from Wilmington now in LA 3. Happy Birthday Terry my Stepfather 4. Happy Birthday Padz - my first born cat 5. Happy Birthday Mark Gilmer!!!

I don't have access to my photos from which to show you, but were I too, I would show you the latest one of Padz and Mark. I make them get their photo taken every year with a sign with their age on it.

As you can imagine, Padz looks quite similar year to year.

I've already written an ode to Mark, but hell I can't have said everything and all things.

Hmmm. I can't really think of anything new about Mark in general. He is very sad right now (no job for six months and no idea of a career and of course relationship woes and general disaporia about what it all means - cookie wise).

Perhaps a story?

Mark loves Wilmington. All of the best times were spent there.

He is a lovely man and is liked by simply everyone who knows him. He has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love him and put him on a pedastal a bit. I'm quite envious of him.

Let's see. I'll try and just generalize some birthdays I remember of his and stuff.

1. The first time I ever met mark, I had a shining thing. I knew that this man was meant for me. It was my second example of spotting the prey.

2. His first birthday I recall was the 30th. It was the lamest birthday ever (on the heels of Jungle's lame 30th), but these are the ones we remember the best (in fact, when I asked jungle on 7/10 his most memorable birthday he cited his 30th... and we laughed. Another example of time plus "tragedy" equals funny.)... Anyhoo, we had an idea to take the ferry to southport and dine at this great mexican restaurant that mark remembered from charlotte. It had opened a branch there. Matt Malloy was the only one not working and could attend (this was before we knew fox, kent, mike, et al - maybe rich was there?). Go on the ferry, boring no conversation really. Get there, the food sux. Boring and no conversation. Head back and drink beers. No conversation. No wackiness no drunk.

3. THe next birthday I remember was one at our house by greenfield lake. I had arranged a party. Many people came, and it was fun. This is where we learned that jason was a july 15. THis was a fun fete with the best elements of what I love about my adopted brigadoon: friends, fire, food, summer, evening and plenty of bug spray. I think I even got an ice cream cake.

4. This was in our downtown house. I couldn't think of anything to do, so I went and bought the game of life and thought the core group could play it, get drunk and faded. Kent, greg, mike, me, jungle?, meghan... We played. It wasn't as FUN as I would have imagined as it's hard to really get into Life the game. Greg bitched because he got dealt a crappy career. Kent gave the gift of throwing a drama tantrum screaming something about "we should be living life!" and stalked off. Greg and Meghan were in their weird power play state, so the dynamics were all off. I don't even think we finished the game. In fact, kent could have knocked it over.

5. Last year, mark got home from work at 10pm on a thursday. He ate cheesepuffs and had his picture taken with them and padz.

Mark Gilmer. You are a good egg. I"m sorry this is a lame post, but I had to try. I love you for forever and ever and ever and ever. (of course you won't be reading this as you've stopped reading me).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULY 15th. (marty, you rock too!)

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