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So, as a few of you know, I saw my father at john's wedding. Strange as shit as you could well imagine. He wrote me an email the other week. It took me a week to read the whole thing. I kept stammering at the line "I don't know what I did to make you so distant".

I wrote him back thanks to kevin's help. In it, I detailed a bit of the "what he did". It was interesting to put it in definitive words.

So you guys feel the alone right? You wander around your life and sing "is that all there is? is that all there is?"... Someone recently made a comment to me about the homeless feeling sorry for us. The homeless don't have a roof. They have their own society. I don't know any homeless.

I'm as lost as a kitten up a tree. The universe provides for me. I have all I've asked for. I have yet to thrust my fist into a plate glass.

I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming of art. I'm dreaming that I could be a non-boor. I want to swing and sway and create and love and sing to all. I want to have my world consecrated.

Many of you are dead.

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