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They're Coming

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Isn't catnip a weird thing? I have a fascination with any animal that gets off on drugs. Do dolphins have a drug? I used to have (a thing with you and now your thing is real) a thing that everytime mommy got stoned, babies got stoned.

I lived alone a lot. With cats, you don't have to grow obssessed with them. They are roommates to you more than say dogs who are more babies to you.

Since I've had the cliff/split these past few days, I realize I love them and they comfort me. I had always taken them for granted and often viewed them as a burden when I was poor, alone, and involved in the matters of potions and portents.

Kent once said that he had a revelation one morning. He awoke and thought that he truly loved abby (his non-allergic bigglesworth adopted after her breeding days were done). He decided to just acknowledge/accept it: he loved a cat.

How that story mixes memory and desire and gets me wafting to this channel.

Wow, I miss kent. I fell in love with him again in a way - during that time he was so mellow, stoned, no tv, talking to telemarketers and visiting us all the time and vice versa.

We grow - and put away childish things. To me, I thought that line was the most horrible/memorable scene in 'the crying game'.

Sometimes, I wonder what is going on - what happened to that night of passion and black red when we knew knew KNEW this was sorcery and we would always love each other completely and owningly?

It's weird, when I first met mark's branch of friends, I found them soooo fucking refreshing because they never talked about anything real.
It was always a seinfeld episode with pot and beer and bb guns and jungle.

I loved to relate the tales of them to kent and mike: how they were like drinking diet sprite.

Lamenting to mark the incestuous intenseness of my dwindled down threesome from college.

However, as I get older, I realize my friends might have been interesting to charm and cultivate - I rely on them more for something.

However, they may like mark more than me? Where do their allegiences lie? Is loyalty longevity or passion.

As I just returned from signing up to petstaff (my side sporadic job) a pug and a maine coon - (having just grumpily hurried my saturday awakening to make it to the 10:30 appointment)... I left them with

"Well, don't worry. We'll take good care of your pets. Everyone they hire just LLLLOOVVVVEEESSSS pets."

ba DAH boom BING.

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