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Learning to Fall

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I think I - like jayne - always leave my lover's better off than before they met me.

This is a big revelation to me - that this would be possible. I usually see myself as the fucked-up mooch dependent insecure freak who wasted whatever time the lover spent with me.

As I age, and the rings grow, I perhaps can see the subtle gifts than can be associated with having known me. I may be unique.

Wouldn't that be grand?

In spite of your seeming self-assurance, you are not too successful in relating to people except at the social level. You are so afraid to have your emotions trampled that you keep personal contacts at arm's length. Your sensitive nature is your Achilles tendon, which you try to protect.

You depend heavily on small quiet moments to give you the spiritual nourishment that your outer life feeds on. Irritated by the constant distractions and the hustle and bustle of competitive society, you must periodically rejuvenate your forces privately, perhaps in meditation.

It's all stars daveeee - full of them I probably mean.

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