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I have no friends

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Just kidding, I have a fucking shitload.

My new obssession is Jerry Hall.

I want to write a biography about her. I think she is funny. I love the 60's rock n'roll era.... the hope, the drugs, the je ne sais quoi. Previously, I was obssessed with layla - patty hanson? I thought it was so intriguing that eric clapton and george harrison could be in love with the same musing woman - and that this woman could just fade into obscurity like marcia clark.

We get old.

I was thinking of chuck's wife ellen. She is a social worker in new york. This got me thinking of June Miller.

Jerry Hall apparently has an IQ of 149 and loves science. Her kids are hot. I'm thinking of marrying james jagger. He's a looker.

I'm old. My eyelids droop a lot in the mornings. It takes them a while to perk up.

I always wait until tomorrow to do things.

I think I'm doing what people call "getting in flow with the universe". This is my way of saying:

universe. you get this party started because I suck at it.

I tried doing pony's thing of doing something different, but I couldn't bring myself to go to Pasadena for the cat show.

I want you to be here, and barring that?

I will get fat and drink and lament about the old days....

when jerry hall was queen and sassy.

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