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It's about Bowels

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So many things I thought I'd never say....

1. I have a love/obsession with a justin timberlake song... that one that goes "just give me one chance to be your man..." I think it's rocks several casbahs as a driving to san francisco song.

2. Matt Johnson was the first to come out of the toilet on this one for me: he once mentioned the vacation no-shit syndrome to me. It's that feeling of not being able to take a leisurely break and - how shall I say this - release the daily contents of your bowels when at some strange toilet in small quarters. (come on, stop blushing - even queen elizabeth has taken a dump or two in her time). I dealt with this by just saying "fuck it" on the last morning. I'm just going to wait this one out and hog the restroom and run lots of water - with a nice hair spray spritz.

3. There is often a perfection that I feel unworthy of photographing.
Sometimes, I just try and make myself put it in the memory banks; however, i wish I had taken the time to document slowly some of the beauties. To me, it was most lovely seeing alcatraz in crisp and strange light.

4. San Francisco definitely has a different light than other cities - quality of light.

5. You do indeed have to leave los angeles in order to love los angeles. (leave it again and again).

6. Red hair does make you able to wear a great many more colors.

7. Happyrobot New Year's Eve 2005 will take place in san francisco.

8. Life does surprise you.

9. Good things come to generous people. In the end, the love you make is equal to the love you take.

10. Light is incredibly important.

11. There are few things better than a good girl road trip in a Jaguar with a quiet ride and a riot loud soundsystem - even when the logistics go completely pair-shaped.

12. Ginger Ale and Whisky will get you fucked up. Often when you wonder which of your cocktails gave you the splitting headache hangover, you have to also think it would be the mixing AND the quantity.

13. "Play it like it Lays" seems an excellent road trip motto and perhaps an excellent life motto.

But hey, it all changes.

Just you wait.

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