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My Orleans

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Well, I believe I did say somewhere on this joyful robot that I wanted to get married on the summer solstice in new orleans...

so you can well imagine how sad and palms upped, head down shaking, and shrugging I was to hear that my beloved town I've never visited was the crux of katrina. It was a pleasure to be able to see new orleans on the news and to hear its lovely name; however, I was saddened. Their termite situation had already made me a bit fundamentally sad regarding the faded grandeur; however this hurricane.

Mon Dieu.

So I was resigned that this lovely brigadoon of anne rice, kate chopin, the saints, riverboats, french stuff, candada stuff, raised gravecrypts, drinking, bacchus, hurricanes, etc. would be lost a bit. Fucked up.

With pleasure I read a side story today heralding the survival of the French Quarter.

The old town was built on the highest ground.

Laissez les bon temps roullent.

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