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Alpha Omega

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I really did think it quite interesting that you could tell me that ohms measure resistence and that the Omega symbol is used to represent Ohms. I hope this is true. I believe it is.

Shall we begin?

I will write this first and then begin the tasks that my day has appointed for me - the bills and order and numbers - stuff I touch like I would touch a slug on my ankle.

It is always with and implied "to me" or "in my humble opinion" that I write these sweeping grandeurs:

I would greatly enjoy peering into your knowledge and to synthesize what you have with my own, but it would be slow.


Because, you see, I have seen into your life so to speak. (you greatly desire me). You have not a bit of fire or water in your make-up. You have earth and air in equal parts that I have fire and water. I would explain to you that this means you are a mirror of me. Were I to ascertain that you were ruled by fire or water, I would laugh. It would be a private joke that few but myself would build or understand.

It would mean that we are poles. (and they can make grand jokes about our stupidity).

I have nothing of you in my make-up. You and your intrinsic nature are foreign to me. I am nothing but fire and water - ruled by earth.

Emotion and inspiration for me and intellect and matter for you (structure).

We, together, make everything. But this is all alchemy. I can twist it upside down and sideways - the eight. I only know - really know - that the more I probe you, the more I see that you have a metaphorical (and aren't they all) fort(e).

It will be slow, and like the lines on paper (than I used to disdain), I can choose to use your structure - gain from it - to organize my 'who I am'. You have a picture of who I am in your home. It is in the most prominent place - visible from your bed.

You have a picture of who you are as well. Your's was the one I called dusty and sad. The people are moving away from sorrow and loss - unsure of where they are going - but going - merely breathing air and walking the ground - surviving and moving.

I can tak you sailing on a ship of fire.

We wouldn't want to do either all the time.

I believe I named her/him Hektor/Hekate. Did you love it? I will go look up what it means after I send this.

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