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Gambling Gamboling

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My friend, Greg (my charles bukowski archetype) won $115 at the racetrack today in west virginia - the dog racetrack. He says his trick (well, he's never been to a dog race park before this - but he is alone and in exile and so low) is to pick the doggie that is wagging its tale at the gate. Greg one big on a 42:1 and then wont $60 playing his spare change on the way out.

He must be so amazed as the thinks he's so unlucky.

I love you.

I love you all. My friends, my enemies, my teachers.

You teachers.
You mirrors.

Listening to "long, long, long" by le beatles.

I love you all. You are as important as the bugs, the moon, the bacteria, the war, the coral, the ice, the party.

But, I love my love the best.

I need my counterpoint.

It's all a gamble.

Now its glow in the dark scars.

she put her junk in the drunk then she said, get out of my way.

she wasn't going to miss me, no she wasn't going to kiss me so I threw a rock as she fell out the driveway.

she's gone to california now. I didn't want her any anyhow.

You should have stayed while you had the chance.
we would have fucked, loved and had romance.

her dreams got washed away.

but you went to california.
you can't say I didn't warn you.

Yes, it's all equally important,
but I love my love in a way that is like nothing you could give me.

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