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Cats and Their Uses and Couples Get Fat

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So, I was having an argument with a friend of mine.

It was all concering aging and women and the chase for beauty. I couldn't believe what he didn't know: You get "uglier" as you age. Women are saddled with it more than men. Duh (men rule the world).

He thought I was being shallow and "rural". I tried to shoot him out of the water, but the bullets just sailed.

Sagging teats. Wrinkles. Sagging eyes. drooping everything. Lines and marks and spots and loss of verve. It happens. I'm not saying that beauty as defined now isn't silly and erroneous. I'm just saying that when you call an older woman beautiful, you almost deign to confer a favor upon her. "Oh, but giselle, SHE is beautiful and she's fifty and hasn't had a blast of work done to her".

Dude, my mom has cried in a public elevator in las vegas because she wasn't young and beautiful. Euphemize it all you want, but unless you are a chick who is seeing it happen, you ain't got no room to talk.

(and please, beauty beauty beauty. blah blah blah. There are three year olds who are homely as hell. There are deformed humans. The blind can love. I'm only talking about the age old dragon's tail.)


Couples get fat.

This happens because we are a bit bored and meals become things and EVENTS for us. We feed the loved one. We love. We celebrate through food and then it just becomes a matter of odds. Two appetites. Food around more. You eat. You're bored. You have no one to attract. You are in love. You eat. Pizza and a video. Going out to eat for something to do (never a jog).

When you split up/are single. You can (as the replacements say) "popcorn for dinner. last night it was cheescake". You eat when you're hungry. You eat what you want to eat. You eat hershey chocolate almond kisses for four days in a row. For some reason, you lose weight.

Attack me.


Cats rock.

It still amazes me that I got over my allergies through fisher (I used to have a trail of what my family called "snot rags" around me for years of my childhood). I loved cats my entire life and would always try and wash my hands after petting them, etc. It is so nice and sweet and god given that I can touch and kiss them now and voila - nothing. Many people that are allergic to animals hate animals in a way. I have seen this thrice. not me.

Sitting in front of the fire with padz zizmore on my lap and jack and ginger. Not a bad life.


I love you.

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