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Space and a Modifier

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Oh how delicately happy I was when I awoke and thought "ah blessedly two blessed hours before the journey to work. Now that's been shaved to forty-five minutes. That dratted time... always tickin' tickin' tickin' into the future.

bah. work is boring - more boring twice repeated.

"I'm closer to the golden dawn - immersed in Crowley's uniform of imagery."

That lyric is from "Quicksand" by d. bowie.

It will likely make me look at my own crowley imagery this morning (if I make the time and write like the wind - oh what to say - wht to say... smile smile).

I always preferred dinosaur jr.'s version, but in my early thirties, I discovered bowie aknew, and bob's your uncle.


On my second pot of coffee on this dashed monday morning. Not to worry, the pot is small. As with the food processor, mark has made the 'mistake' of buying the "mini" version of said appliance. Therefore, doubling up is necessary for the glutton's such as myself.


If I don't explain what you ought to know, you can tell me all at the next ball show.


I love writing you again. It's very different from blessed myspace (upon which my life was changed infinitely; however, I find that medium to be a bit pleubian.

My first IRL (in real life - I didn't know either) was acheived through some bloke talking about gandhi's ashes and mirrors. We had a long long email correspondence about mirrors and narscissism. It was intriguing, and I was willing to jump. Met the bloke, and that was it - no chemistry. I would have been his friend - sure of course, but not to be. Just sex, sex, sex for the lad. I'm sure he's hunting as we speak - for that horny smart girl who would be impressed by what she saw in his mirror. Maybe not. I could be mis-judging.

My second IRL (in real life) was intrigued by my occupation (philosopher).





Now, I'm listening to 'nightclub jitters' by the replacements. It is not the crunch of 30 minutes before 'go, go go - out the door' time. I will likely sacrifice embellishing my puffy, aging, beauty for sitting listening to music and drinking coffee on the porch.

In fact, now that my missive about mini-appliances is done, I will bid you adieu.

We are in full holiday mode.

Always surprising.

I'm scared to go back to work. I realized I forgot to make sure something happened, and now I have a myriad of things that have to be done before the big spate of holidays. Sheebus jesus.


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