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What was I thinking?
lambroghini convertables with roses and storms and nurturing tons of nurturing.

I've had eight really good years so far of nurturing. I think I'm due for the amount others got (oh, green is my v. fave colour). I would give in return. I'm a wonderful witch.

What was I thinking?
for a while, I thought it was the end of the world.
then, the thought that it might not be appeared, and I thanked god I didn't feel like crying anymore and that there might be different levels of the game.

all the metaphors.

always the blatant hope that you and I will have run towards the right door when time is stops, but they're all right.

It's all right.

The floor. the ceiling.

I wish we could both think it's magic and let it all unfold and let go.


I wish I didn't think sometimes that I was a silly scared evil monster incapable and unworthy of real love.

I hope I can remember that it's all in my head and that it can be seen from the mirrors.
My way is just as effective as others, but our gifts can DEFINITELY be shared - our perspectives different, but we are saying the same thing.

34 if I'm a day.

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