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That Whole Solar System Theory

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Just got the update from mark concerning Wilmington and all the people.

my god. I love the idea of that town and those people and that place.

Jason and the blue post reign.
Sandie and the soapbox.

The bare trees and warm sun.

I think - if I go there now - I would feel at home and only panic after five days.

Oh god, all the things.

Of course, I can't explain.

I'm in a low grade depression and writer's block.

That's why all these missives have been so choppy.

Knuckling through. For some reason, I think it will be better in january.

The 'kill me now' motto had abated, and I only said it once yesterday.

Now, I'm at work - and even that - I'll be over with soon. Thanks to the flu.

Oh, all the things.

My heart is enmeshed in the solar system.
I love all of them - and the idea of them - so much, and it probably isn't even known.

Now, I must go and write thank you letters.


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