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total bragging on my part

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so, just got off the phone with victoria (wow, such problems. it makes me feel like a dork to complain about breaking the garbage disposal and not being able to write a lick of prose)... invited her to share my pot of chili, but she was in her pajamas et al...

so, i was in the mood for chili today, and bought all the stuff from wild oats - thinking "i should get beer", but their beer is so cher, and I figured "hell, i don't NEED beer".

Got home (for purposes of the record, mark's), put the chili in the pot all frothy - realizing immediately that I NEEDED beer. (I've never made chili without beer, and now the record is firm.).

Leapt to the store with the chili on low and trainers on...

The checker outer asked for my ID... went goo goo when he saw my age - asked the bagger (in a low voice) "you won't believe how old this lady is..." says to me "I would have carded you for cigarettes". THe bagger looks bemused, and I give her a break by saying "oh my stars, what a compliment. it's so obvious when you look at the eyes though, thanks all"...

trotted back from the store with natural light (chili beer) and tins of cat food....

practically singing.

Then I thought, 'how silly to be excited about looking YOUNG - that fucking false alter.', but still I was pleased.

This after having a man follow me from the post office and ask me out (then after refusal ((realized I didn't have the magic ring of marriage)) offering to tape my boyfriend and I 'being intimate')... luckily the freaky man was easy to disengage.

Then a final compliment of "you're a pretty lady" from a passer-by.

I might just make a coat of many colours and conquor egypt.

or eat my chili and watch teevee and think about how I'm not writing a word of prose.

or will i?

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