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Very Little

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For some sad reason, there is very little I wouldn't say to you.

I am a talentless fraud.

I just tried to write my very first real screenplay thing - just forced myself to write one page (my new thing is that I will make myself write one page - just one page - a night), but alas - it truly sucked and had no purpose.

morose and four "fucks" (words not actions) in the first page. maybe five.

I do not know if you really love me or not. Yeah, it's a scary and unenviable position in which to be.

Pulling teeth for me - this writing.

I do not know what will happen.

I awaken every morning - recently - thinking that I am a trickster.

And, I want you to tell me I'm wrong, and I'm afraid that you don't have the courage (or jesus god, the feeling). In that case, I would want you to cut all of them off - rip them off of your skin - pull them away from the dermis.

I'm not modifying much. Are you proud?

It's strange that every time I think - oh god and thank you - finally finally it's over and I can mourn and have it all done with and have a laugh that I so ridiculously thought such a thing and all that - there's that feeling.

I don't even dare call it love in my own heart. I only tell you that - knowing somehow that I can weave.

I'm on instinct baby, and I know nothing.

Eventually Coca-Cola bowed to popular demand and brought back the "original"
Coke, though consumers soon realized that the formula had been altered, with corn syrup substituted for sugar

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