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A Few Plugs

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Of course, I'm mildly scared that I'm going insane.


Doing mindless data entry today - thank the gods - I want/need a mindless but necessary task every now and then. Today, it is inputting names in a database from MOCA to our database so that my boss can email them a notification that he is wearing a word every day - a word of the black hole's choosing.

The Word Project.

That was the plug. He asked me to add my friends to the email announcement, but I didn't.


For the first time, many firsts, I'm not dismanteling everything red and green and at all christmas-y by January 1st. This is not my usual M.O.
However, I have learned that there is a supposition that jesus was really born on January 6th - and thus the twelve days of christmas and tagging a pagan one with christian - blah blah blah. I bet you're all tired of such talk... holiday talk. Anyhoo, I'm just saying that I'm stretching this one out - just prolonging my blinking green and red tiny tiny lights and the red and green subtle metallic wired wreath - until the 6th. aha.

What of it?


It is sunny today. The way things are going and the way I love, I could not have a lover by the time you read this. I could have never had a lover by the time you read this. I could be gloriously and unambigously in love and recipricated by the time you read this.

I want to be productive, alive, and creative this year.

more vain and narsisisstic.


I do love you.

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