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Love Magician

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Making the love. I begin to weave and create illusion.

Look. Love Magic is the hardest for me to write about. I've been stymied on it. I don't really know or acknowledge much of the manipulation that must be inherent in every action I - when I am in love magician hat - do. I choose to bury my head in the sand and slog away into the next phase. To admit, would give credence. Sigh. Faking orgasms? egads!

But, you will grant that love's magic is the juicy electric tendrils upon which it all resides. I've often thought how strange the spell is. I've often thought I say "i've often thought" a great deal.

Some idiot says - in response to a statement let's say about the topic of ....hemingway. The idiot will say, "my friend has a cat with six toes on each paw". YOU roll your eyes at idiot. YOUR POTENTIAL BELOVED says "my friend has a cat with six toes on each paw." - aha! You want to know who this friend is. You want to fly to Florida and see the manse. You want to get a hemingway cat with your potential beloved. You praise your beloved for the witty, obscure rejoinder to said topic.

You feel the feel, the lover can be an animal in bed. You lose the feel, you look at clock each time lover mounts.

Two sides of this coin. Is lover real and magic or trickster and manipulator?

Same thing.

Phew. This one is over.
In the can.

locked in a box in the ocean with chains.

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