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For some odd reason, I'm thinking of Christmas and how nice it will all be.
This is what I always think of Christmas. It becomes the always-disappointing receptical of me 'opes. (oh the answer as to why I think of it is I'm searching for candles for the ole ball and chain ((job)) and came across a christmas one).

I missed the party. Not a phone call from a soul. This, I take to mean that Solstice is the dark soul of rejected hell. I was to go, but kissings and endings flubbed it all. The party seemed like just my cuppa' and I'm sure I would have loved it and gotten wasted and told strangers and friends that I loved them. It was a nice thing to have had done and converge. Viva Roboteers!

Here comes the Big D. I am making it into something big - although in many ways it will just be a sad anniversary (10 days to go) as I'm pretty sure I'm life-long friends with mark. When greg was here, oddly, I got a sense that one can't go home again. God, it's sad though. Am I numb or moving on?

It's strange -the new gal pal de old husband. She is in town this week.
Although mark and I weren't going to talk to each other this week (to preserve non-weird vibes), I just spoke to him. He says it's scary and wonderful - so I think that's very promising. It's odd how appeased I feel being in his loop. I want to be his confidente. So, SHE is great and really loves him et al. The strange part - to me - is that any ensuing frienship with mark and I would involve a normalacy established with her.
We used to be almost friends, and I really like her and think she's stand-up. It's got to be weird for both of us though. I remember once saying to Keif when he commented on how weird it was that Kent and I used to be so damn soul-matey and now there wasn't a spark: "we're so over that, it would be laughable. You'd have to be us to understand."

My olde friend Leslie just had a baby! One of those people you know will be a good mum. She was a good mum to many a friend, so it just fits.

bloggish wasn't this entry? I just figured you missed the hell out of me.

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