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Children's Advisory - Foul Language

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And then there's the homeless man - who when I was exiting the BANK OF AMERICA!!! yay America! - who said to me as I was passing - well screamed to me more accurately: "I would totally suck your titties. I would stick my dick in your pussy..." ramble ramble. So they aren't all pleasant to save which reminds me in turn of the wisdom of "dazed and confused": I just wanna dance.


Kate's baby born today. I think I've bragged that I interviewed to be her personal assistant during those heady "dawson's creek" years (but I'll brag agin). She was so young, so gawky, definitely photographs well if you know what I mean.... shy and coltish. Look at her now. I feel rather akin to her for having met her in such close quarters. I even bought the people with her on it even though I rant on voting with your dollar in that manner.


Can I do this? Can I really cut off the one consistent crutch to see if I can walk? Jeebus creebus, what the hell am I doing? All of it baffles me.

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