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Fahrenheit 451: Come On Down!

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Television Culture.

They are beginning to make it so hard and commercial and more expensive and hardware upgrades:

All this for our greatest of all addictions.

I want to own the movie.


I remember barbeques and daffodils and dream of my first flower-field (preferably lavendar) picnic with a wicker basket with craftsmenship and crisp French dry white wine of good vintage and grapes with seeds in them.

sigh. (she said, I should look at the aloneness as a way to spend time with such a glorious person ((me)) instead of looking at it as: I'm alone. I have no reality without Other. I am unwatched. I do not exist. I am abandonned - this again and again.

So, I will soon walk and think of y'all.

(ahh, now I think of azaleas and savannah and spanish moss...)

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