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Length of the Louvre

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Ah alliteration.

I am drowsy after only one cup o' joe this morning. It's Monday, and of course I stayed in bed until the last possible second of jumping up and
greeting the week. You should see my hair (I haven't really looked at it
yet). I've decided - on the whole - that I look a bit like the gerber baby with brown hair. How interesting. How witty to make my thoughts and daily miasma into -


It was rather nice to have dan back in town. He's got spirit even though he yawns a lot. Friends are nice. I realized that he and mark - and the three of us to some extent - are a well-oiled friend machine. We goof off and make jokes about the boys being gay (in such a way that Saturday, the lads attended the perimeters of LA's Gay Pride Parade (($20 a head to actually march, so they foregoed the whole tamale) and generally take the piss out of each other. It's rather the crux of our friendship. I normally would leave out the gay part as it's perhaps inflammitory, but I feel quite honest today
- perhaps even "revealing".

There was a darker aspect to my weekend - a sort of void, but I shan't really talk about that yet.

Every time I see Mark, it reminds me a bit of sadness - poignancy. That's the known devil. This new path scares me; however, what choice? What choice?

I thought of Dan's life and how fucked up he must think all of this angst and lonliness is - what's it for? - get a mate, have some kids, and grow old together. That's the dream. That's the ticket.

Why not?

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