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Just sent off my lame Father's Day e-gift certificate. I anticipate that it will never be redeemed, but here's hoping. (My parent's are notorious for not using gift certificates. This was my first one.) I did the "oh fuck!
I totally forgot Father's Day" thing.

Anyhoo, it's done. Money has left my account and thoughts will be conveyed.
No problem.

I'm in a problem avoidance mode. A few things have gone wonky at work, and I just think that I deal with it in the proverbial tomorrow.

I am boring myself, but I feel that it's a sort of obligation to provide content to my column. Shoddy content not withstanding.

It's a gorgeous day, and today, I don't have a new care in the world - and the old cares are practically needing dentures.

The sun. The blue. The boss out of town. In fact, I'm currently in the best best best part of the weekend - the most strong potential energy: one hour before "quittin' time" (there I've made two "gwtw" allusions. Who shall get them.)

So fun, frolic, making merry.

Let's have it.

I have some portent of big change.

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