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Oh, I have been laaazzeeee in my writing lately. I have been. Not just to the robot - but in my continuing efforts to be like sunshine jen and john ball and others of you - and have at least a tiny stack of frequently copied short stories and screenplays sitting off to the side awaiting approval from various publishers. But I don't. I don't have a single complete thing.
Hopefully this - and my "itsa holiday! eat drink and be merry" will change soon. I have done a bit of handwritten stuff - titles for my future columns like "But I am Sweeping You Off Your Feet" and "My Life as an Ipod Wearer"
and "Jenkins Did It" and "Fuckit, Myspace Changed My Life and I Haven't Been on it in a Month" and "Let Me Tell You About My Job"... It was interesting I suppose.

I am wearing sweatpants today. I need to do laundry, and I've eaten like a mad cow lately. Dan was in town. Guests are always a cause for going out to eat, and I'm hardly a "I'll have a salad with dressing on the side"

People from "home" are always so very nice to see. Mark and I talked last night on the emptiness that ensues when they leave, so I'm not alone in that feeling. (hooray! misery loveth company.) He asked me if I felt lonely, and I replied that it's not that I don't have people around me and nice lovely acquaintances and a fascinating thing... but that there's not that familial blanket of familiarity. We both feel homeless but must try this route eh? I told him that the Big D (of which we've screwed the papers up
again!) was something that I thought of in fear and fright, but that it felt very fervently like the proverbial "right thing to do".

However, it's what it is. I merely can recognize that I'm nascent. What's to come?
Have I said things like this before? smile smile smile smile wink wink.

I'm living a week as if it's summer vacation. Remember Summer Vacation? Oh so sweet.

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