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I Miss Cigarettes

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Believe me, as a child, I would hide my stepmother's cigarettes in an effort to get her to stop smoking. She would get REALLY mad, and I would see this and retrieve them, but it became a bit of a running joke. She knew I cared.

Then at 33, I started to smoke. I became addicted.

I am addicted now.
I am stopping because it's illogical.
I am stopping for the money.

I am listening to KCRW. I am watching some movie - two weeks notice. Hey, it's actually rather funny. I'm a hugh grant girl.

I'm an anglophile.

I want to fly.
I want a playmate.
I want frisbee and laying on the beach
and making love and going to movies
and laughing and hiking
and kissing
and trusting
and creating and loving
and stars and magic.

I dream.

You are beautiful. I'm so glad I know you. (this is to more than one person).

Eddie's wake is tomorrow.
I do so hate the ends of eras and changing of guards.

Le Roi est mort. Vive le Roi.

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