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Awaiting Something

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And if the day came that I felt an actual emotion, I get so something I'd probably jump into the Ocean.

I'm writing this to you in a hurry as I seem to always get "caught" on the Internet - never caught doing the work that I do. Ah well, I'm 34 frikkin years old. Deal with it.

Let me check my horoscope and see how I'm supposed to feel today. I'm supposed to feel perfectly balanced. OK, I'll do that. I have filled my water bottle. I will go get coffee from across the street. I will then price out megaphones, pom poms, and thunderstix for t-mobile. I will likely go home and ride mark's bike back to his house and retrieve my car and then go back home and read. I don't write much anymore.

I am grumpy and giving up smoking (I'm even sponsored this time - so the cost to me is nil and actually a gain).

You don't have to deal with your emotions. You smoke. Finish a task?
smoke. Pissed off? smoke. Bored? smoke.

There, I'll admit it. Everything I never thought I'd be... blah.

Anyhoo, I missed a shout out to one of my favorite people, Dan T., for his birthday on Sunday. Happy Birthday Dan T. Thanks for being so funny and wanting to DO STUFF and for being on location/on vacation and for taking the piss out of me. You even joke about me divorcing and going nuts. I appreciate that. It's never too deep with you but always vastly intelligent.

Thanks for beng born.

As I end this "Everything Means Nothing To Me" playing on my itunes. I usually do not do music at work since the phone rings, and I can't hear the boss and act accordingly.

So yawn away.

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