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We Pause for a Shout Out

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Sept. 7th is me mum's birthday.

She's a sweet sweet lady.

It's my 3 year los angeles birthday. I remember banging the garage door to
my new apartment and ruining it. I remember the cluttering up of this new apartment I shared with my quite hostile formally cuckholded husband. We had dinner for me mum's birthday at hiroshima in the hills. Mark had not deposited his paycheck in the rush to prepare for our arrival from four days crossing the country with a u-haul (those fans will remember that I had left the miasma and crazy and love of my life to do the drift across country with silence and three cats...)

The card mark gave bounced. My stepfather had to pay for the meal. Mark was humiliated. It was a sad time for all. I sweated sadness. I reeked dispair. I was a cavern. I ask mark about how he felt, and he just remembers the reuniting of us and having it all there.

I'm stunned.

Three years later, everything is different. Time is weird here. Ah the things I've done me lads and lassies. I love all of the me's in the journey.

I'm ready to jump like a filly.

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