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What can I say?

The Holidays begin on Hallowe'en. I love the Holidays. One of my brilliant undone ideas is a movie that was just a bunch of Holidays. The concept... oh the Concept is so enticing. We have been trained and molded to love the holidays - from even the days when we were slaves and masters and ejoying them for different reasons. Wait, we're still slaves and masters.

I digress. I write fauxoatry.

Then, my birthday of course (I could talk about the gray hairs and pain, but I shan't), then Thanksgiving, then December, loads of birthdays during the holidays...then Solstice, then Hannukah and Kwanza and Christmas and Twelve Days and then New Years Eve. Visits and gifts and merrymaking galore! Then it's all over.

I'm in the beginning of the holidays. I was just gazing at the stars above the balcony. Mars really is reddish here. I could never see it so in the south. Mostly, I concluded, I was seeing planets. Then I thought about myself in relation to those planets that seem so close. I realized that it's funny to see in the sky what astrology says: my moon, venus, jupiter, and mercury are all in sagittarius. It's Winter Time.

Burrow. Snow. Cold. Fire.

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