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So, I recently discovered that 80% of my close friends were in SmartClub in their young years. Ah, I love surrounding myself with intellegentsia.

Those friends that I meet (Mike for instance) that didn't get into smart club were always pissed, and I do think the programs have since been discontinued.

Did you have SmartClub in your school? It was where they picked out the kids with "high IQ's" and these kids got to go to some room and be smart. Sure, I was in it. There's no question that I have a high IQ; however, don't be jealous as I sit here at my low-paying job and devour my dreams and shit them out i.e. I sure ain't no better than nobody. In fact, 80% of my friends have been seriously fucked-up/depressed during at least one point in their lives. And, I don't have THAT many people that I call friend.

I think SmartClub is funny. I, personally, read science fiction after progressing from coloring in Garfield's nose (4th grade was my start). We had to do presentations for the school on various shit, but that's about all the real work we had to do. I think we did our homework for all of 30 minutes, and sometimes Ms. Huddleston would feel slack and give us some project, but mostly it was just socializing and reading and writing stories and free form smart exploring. Ours was AIM.

Hate me if you want, but I love you.

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