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Hotel vs. Motel

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Sure, I'm sad and edgy today. It's been a while, but here it 'tis. No matter: this too will come to pass.


I'm a lifelong explorer of astrology. Until it seems stupid and unfounded, I'll continue to do research on friends and acquaintances and the vacillating betwixt both.

I have two male acquaintances whom I just realized shared a birthday within a day or two of each other - or on the same day for all I know.

The thing that binds them in my eyes is that of all the people in the world of relationships that I know - these two boys chose their mates and clung to them like ivy and eventually reached the goal of being loved by these women they adore. I have never met anyone more "into" their gal pals than these two blokes. After a million years, one of them still feels up his wife in public. One I called Sir Lancelot and wished him sincere good luck in his quest. Apparently, he has won.

A circe piece this is, but hey...

been trying to meet you. must be a devil between us or a hole in my head. but hey, where have you been?

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