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"Mommy, what was it like before you could record teevee?"

So, just realizing that am surrounded/surround myself with men who LOVE gadgets. Well 'surrounding' might be too hard of a word - my stepfather (can I call him Terry to you yet?) and Mark have it the same way (footnote - both share b-day of 7.15 making them join the 10 person club I know - marty roupe anyone? but that's a whole other story...)

My mother and I - I now realize - treated it the same way (with our respective husbands): cautious indulgence.

So, it's circa 1979. We had just moved to marietta. mother had just been saved by the young man - terry - and this was their first anniversary of note (or at all, i forget, i was a kid with my own 'problems'). She was a teacher, but put something called a "VCR" on layaway for him. It was like some CRAZY fee of $1000 or $2000 or $4000 dollars. It was the kind with the dial you turn, etc. Blockbusters were just gleams in entrepreneurs' eyes. The delight was to record your television and watch it later. He loved it. She got a diamond watch (as an aside, this morning, i've a new motto: blood oranges instead of blood diamonds.) They recorded "Sound of Music" and "Grease" (and bought some Emmanuelle tape) and bob's your uncle.

I know the words to sound of music and grease by heart, and there's still a scene in emannuelle i can call up if needed for mastaboratorial services.


How My Family Went Mac.

Usually, I'm a shrew with money.

We needed a new computer. Mac's were twice as expensive as PC, and mark was trying to talk himself into staying pc for practical reasons. then he showed me the ad for the new cube.

We bought it two months after it "rested". I fucking felt like I fell about furniture about it. I told him. Damn the expense, it's a work of art.

I'm looking at her right now. She's what - eight years old. I love you cubey (sorry your monitor was such a bitch to move and store because I love it too, but shit. i don't know... one day...)

and that's all the stories we have time for this morning folks. back to your day. quit looking at me now.

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