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Dutch Ultimatum

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i shan't write you again unless he comes. i do not like cutting your shoulder off from me, but i must be strong and not give you so much of me. i need to put my clothes and jewels on. you know what i mean.

another condition is that he must make me feel happiness, trust, transparency, fairyland, forest, honeysuckle, collard green, tomato-based georgia barbeque from Fresh Air Barbeque on 40 towards macon from atlanta,
the oculmulgee river.
you know the drill.
honeymeade and heat secret messages through astral mysteries. alone together maybe even at one. i don't know. i've never done this before.
i let go.
i cut.

waste of meine time.
liar uder koward uder Lieberchen.
a choice.

i love him.
i don't really know who he is or whether i would like him, or even his sex.
we've only been exploratory, and i am brewing with witchcraft to draw him JETZT to mich. it's silly. i know stu. i know soldier brave patrick.

fuck fuck fuladfhjasdhfas

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