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A Great Big Hello
Hello Happy Robot!

Sunshine Jen here with my very own Journal. I'm so happy to be here. After many long minutes of work, my journal page is making its debut, and I am delighted to be a part of the Happy Robot family, I mean collective, I mean thingie.

Just a quick note about my writing style. I come from the Emily Dickinson School of Dashes (aka -----). I'm not sure if that's a sign of linear or nonlinear thinking----I just hope it doesn't become too tedious. Occasionally, I jump into the Harold Pinter School of Ellipses. . . .but I find they are not as pretty. I'm not a big fan of exclamation points (!!!!!), so I use them sparingly and usually only as a solo exclamation point (!). When I say Hello Happy Robot!, I say it with a big smile, not as a broad shout.

How did I get here? My words first appeared on Happy Robot last April when my friend Kelly (aka Cootie Girl) put my story in her Journal. I was the friend who had the elevating experience on the set of an independent film in downtown LA. When I learned that Rich liked the story and wanted to add West Coast Flavah (his words) to the site, I thought, why not. So here I am. Here I am. HERE I AM! Wooohooo.

We woohooo a lot on the West Coast. We also yeeehah, but that's more inland.

A little bit about myself. . .

I am a New York transplant living in Los Angeles, and I recently celebrated my one-year anniversary of living and driving here. I work in Hollywood with a view of the Hollywood sign. I love the weather, the landscape, the beach. I dislike the traffic, the bad pizza, the valley girl accent (it's so realllll, ohMYgod!), and movie industry fakes (or flakes). My cocktail of choice is a vodka martini (stirred with an olive). My cellphone ringer is Take Me Out to the Ballgame. I wear sunglasses on my head. I don't smoke, but I drink bottled water like I'm in the middle of the desert----wait, I am in a desert. I like French cuisine, instant oatmeal, and cherries----but not all at once. I'd rather be too hot than too cold. I think Pete Rose should remain banned from Major League Baseball. I like wearing black because it matches everything. I voted against the recall, and yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger really is governor of Cawlifornia. In music, I like Bob Dylan, The Cruel Sea, Dave Dobbyn, the Finn Brothers, the Supersuckers, and many, many more. I think Aragorn is sexier than Legolas but would rather hang out with the Hobbits. I like all kinds of movies though. I recently saw a restored print of HUD from 1963 with Paul Newman. I tell ya, all them pretty Hollywood boys today, they ain't half of Paul Newman in HUD. When he saunters across that screen, ohhhlala---

So consider this journal a voice from the Wild West. Sometimes, it might shout GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE! Sometimes it might be fried by the sun. Sometimes, it might be cruising down the 5. Sometimes, it might be caught in traffic on the 5. Whatever the voice might do, it's all from and about meeeeee cause--I'm a star---I'm the one and only Sunshine Jen.

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