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Oh Mandy

It's been awhile since I've thrown down some words. I've been staying in and following my pandemic routine. Most of my words have been going into my dragon novels. My dragons have been a sweet escape during the last few months. No, they do not breathe fire. Yes, they fly.

I've also been binge watching shows. Some shows have delighted me. Some shows I stop watching because life is too short even though I know the purpose of binge watching is to pass the time. Then there are the shows that I keep watching because while they might be mediocre, they will do for now. I'm thinking of Virgin River which is silly but everyone on that show is incredibly good looking.

This month, I splurged on Disney Plus and finally sat down to watch The Mandalorian. I have been told that since I love Star Wars, that I would love Mandalorian. I was a little weary especially after all the hype about Baby Yoda. Whenever Star Wars goes cute, it ends in disaster (see Ewoks, see young Anakin).

There is good Star Wars. There is bad Star Wars. The Mandalorian is good Star Wars. It hits the right space adventure tone with just enough moodiness and emotion (but not too much) and some cool action.

The main character is a Mandalorian, a member of a warrior sect that do not take their helmets off. He was given a name at one point, but it went in one ear and out the other. His friends call him Mando. The series is set a few years after the end of Return of the Jedi. The second death star has been destroyed and the rebels are trying to build the New Republic even though there are various Imperial factions still hanging around. Mando is a bounty hunter cleaning up the galaxy and trying to make a living.

One day, Mando meets the child (aka Baby Yoda) who sets him off on a series of adventures which is, well, the series. I won't go into specifics about what happens but there is some crazy fun stuff on this show. I liked it when action figures from my childhood show up. I see you, IG-88! Or some interesting actors are cast. Holy smoke, it's Werner Herzog! Or they go to Tatooine. You gotta go to Tatooine.

The Mandalorian show steals from lots of genres, but I especially love the nods to westerns. The writers didn't just study Star Wars. They studied everything that influenced Star Wars. They also had fun with it.

There are sixteen episodes out now. Apparently there will be a third series coming in a year. Hopefully by then, we'll be out of this pandemic, but I look forward to the sweet escape. Meanwhile, I'm caught up in a world of uphill climbing and nothing is rhyming. Oh Mandy, well you came and you gave without taking.

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