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Extra Fancy Jumbo Cashews

Recently at an outdoor BBQ, a friend brought a gold box of cashews. On the box, the cashews were identified as: Extra Fancy Jumbo Cashews.

Wait a second, before I go into the words, yes, I was at a BBQ with other people. We ate corn and sausages hot off the grill. There was watermelon. I drank beer. We sat on outdoor furniture and chatted with each other. Okay, sometimes the topic of conversation went to death, but still, it was a good time.

At the end of the BBQ, I was encouraged to take the cashews home even though I had not brought them. For several days after the BBQ, the gold box sat on my counter as I nibbled on them.

Extra Fancy. That's such a nice phrase. It's not just fancy. It's extra fancy as if a mere level of fanciness is not enough to describe the cashews. While they are good cashews, I think extra fancy is going a bit far. I mean, there's only so much fanciness one can derive from a nut.

I found the Jumbo word misleading and unnecessary. They are normal sized cashews. They are the size of other cashews I've eaten. They're not the size of bartlett pears. They're just cashews.

They are roasted and lightly salted. I don't like overly salted cashews. My preference is for just a hint of salt.

They were the kind of cashews you would get as part of a gift basket or nut assortment. However, there were no other nuts with the cashews. There were only cashews. They were delicious.

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