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Multi-Day Rain Situation

It's been raining a lot in LA. Now, I realize there are happy roboters in other places with far worse weather than rain, but please, there has to be a reason why we in LA put up with too high property values and terrible traffic. We like our good weather out here.

I also noticed that when it rains for multiple days, one's relationship with the rain changes drastically in LA. This is a completely unscientific observation, but I've noticed from a small sampling of people (not all actors and actresses) that there's a pattern of behavior in relation to the rain in LA.

Rainy Day Number One: Rain! Glorious Rain! This is great! We need the water! I get to wear my rain stuff. Where is my rain stuff? Oh there it is. Even though I'm not walking in any muddy fields, I am still going to wear my wellies. And my rain hat. And my raincoat. And I need my umbrella.

Rainy Day Number Two: Oh, it's still raining. Oh well. Not a problem. My rain stuff dried overnight. It's cold. Why is it so cold? Oh well. Not a problem.

Rainy Day Number Three: Rain? Seriously? Are you kidding me?

Rainy Day Number Four: Rainnnnnn. It's never gonna ennnnnnd. Totally bummed man.

First Sunny Day After Rain: Look! It's all green.

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