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Be the Internet Superheroine You've Always Wanted to Be

When I started blogging fifteen years ago, the interweb was a different place. Pictures were difficult to post, and social media did not exist. Words were the game, and I loved the words. Somehow, in all those words, I turned into an internet superheroine with the power of outrageous metaphors and wacky adventures.

Now, in 2019, my aggressive weekly blogging pace has slowed to a monthly pace and there have been years where I barely blogged at all, but I still enjoy putting the words out there and making fun of the Star Wars universe.

But am I a superheroine of the internet? I don't even have an Instagram account. I do have a twitter (@robosunshinejen) which I check sometimes.

For years I have written about little things, human things, silly things, imaginary things. Recently, I started thinking about the idea of the superheroine. What is a superheroine anyway? I define superheroine as a woman who overcomes a lot and does amazing things to make things better. Then, I realized I was describing pretty much every woman I ever met.

When will being a female who does her thing become something normal and not something super-heroic? It's tiring living the superheroine life all the time. . .although the trips to Paradise Island are quite nice. What is normal anyway? Maybe the key to normal is in the future and not the past.

So can I still be the superheroine I've always wanted to be? Do I want to be a superheroine? I gotta feed the brand. . .never figured out exactly what that means. I gotta pump up the likes. . .but I never cared if people like my stuff (see failed playwriting career, see unpublished novel). I gotta be revealing. . .even though I'm quite private. I gotta be something I'm not. . .whenever I try to be something I'm not, I get incredibly annoyed. I don't like being annoyed. I look like a stern librarian when I'm annoyed.

I'd rather keep putting down words.

So in 2019, do these words matter? In the giant massive interweb, they do not.

But they matter to me.

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