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Palindrome Days and Pretend Porpoises

In the US, when we write dates numerically, we list them as month/day/year unlike many counties I've been to which write the dates numerically as day/month/year. Today is 9/10/19 in the States and 10/9/19 other places.

Also, today is the first day of ten days of palindrome days in the States. The digits will be the same backwards and forwards. Today is 91019 forwards and backwards. Tomorrow is 91119. We will stay in palindromes all the way to 9/19/19.

Does this mean anything? Well, we do have a Friday the 13th in there as well as a full moon. Still, it means very little although it does give me something to celebrate in the middle of September. Happy Palindrome Days Everyone!

To what extent are my days palindromes? I sleep, I'm awake, I drink tea, I eat stuff, I do a bunch of stuff, I eat stuff, I drink tea, I'm awake, I sleep. That's pretty much every day for me. The bunch of stuff might change, but the tea is what makes it all work. Sometimes, after the bunch of stuff, I might take a nap, but only sometimes.

A few days ago, my buddy Harry and I were walking on the Venice Pier. When we got to the end, we stood and looked out at the blue Pacific water. It was a clear sunny day. We've had a lot of those lately. There wasn't a lot of breeze and there weren't big waves.

Look Harry, there are dolphins over there. I said as I pointed to a pod that was surfacing. I see a lot of dolphins, and there's something about them that makes me happy.

Those aren't dolphins. Those are porpoises. A man next to us said. We turned to him.

Where are you from? Harry asked. Harry is much more diplomatic than I am.

Wisconsin. Yep those are definitely porpoise. The man said looking out.

Why do you say that? Harry asked.

Porpoise have two dorsal fins. Dolphins only have one. The man said and pointed to a dolphin surfacing with a baby dolphin next to it. From a blurry distance it might seem like a single creature with two fins, but it was definitely an adult dolphin with a baby dolphin surfacing side by side. We see that a lot on the water.

No, that's a momma dolphin with a baby next to it. I said.

It's a porpoise. The man said quietly and walked away. He knew what he knew and knew what he saw and no two tea drinking Californians were going to change his mind.

At first I was really mad. Why do people go to places and just declare what they know even though it's totally inaccurate? Then I realized humans have been doing that for hundreds of years. Also, looking out at the water, I started mellow out. The pretend porpoises had moved on, and so could I.

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